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Our leadership comes with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of sustainable development initiatives globally. Their cumulative experience covers the broad spectrum of the social and development sphere, sustainability and climate change issues, and ethical business imperatives. They are further supported by a select team of professionals with expertise in different aspects of sustainable development, such as strategic management, social research, need and impact assessments, EHS and social regulations, resource conservation, supply chain dynamics, etc., thereby, creating a win-win solution for the triple bottom line of business.

Parul Soni

Global Managing Partner


Parul is the founder and global managing partner for TTC. With over 20 years of experience, he has been instrumental in providing strategic leadership to development programs, for national and international organizations, both at the national and regional levels.

He has, with his rich and extensive experience in Social Development and CSR, driven major programs in areas of cross sectoral partnerships and institutional networks, inclusive community participation, social accountability, and social justice. His contribution to the cause of enhancing and enriching the quality of key human development indicators such as child rights and gender equality has been anchored in the core principles of sustainable development strategies and programmes.

Throughout his career, he has been an ardent advocate of women’s rights and has undertaken seminal work in re-scripting the narrative on women’s empowerment though various initiatives. As a member of the Global Advisory Board of WeConnect International, he actively encouraged and supported women entrepreneurs by connecting them to market opportunities. One of his most significant achievements was to bring 109 women’s business associations under one platform of Think Big Asia.

Parul values the role of the government as a major stakeholder in the process of development and strives to, and has successfully created, sustainable tri stakeholder partnerships and networks, with the government, private sector and the not for profit organisations, collaborating together to achieve common goals.

Parul is on the board of a number of reputed national and global organisations. As an Advisor and Promoter Director in India for The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), he has been key in building the ecosystem for philanthropists and social investors within the country. As a Founding Board Member of Save the Children-Bal Raksha, the Indian evolution of Save the Children International network, he has made substantive contributions in the sector of child development and rights. He is also a board Member of SafeLIFE Foundation; and a senior advisor on the Advisory board of Biz Divas, a CSR initiative by Altavis Private Limited.

He was previously a Partner and the Global Co-leader for Not-for-Profit organization in Ernst & Young India LLP (EY) and has during his career lent his expertise and leadership to multiple organizations and associations, within India and globally.

Parul is a Doctoral Fellow from the Department of Commerce, University of Rajasthan.

“Sustainable development today is a central topic of discussion in organizations, academic institutions, offices and in boardrooms across the world, since it has come to define almost every aspect of human endeavour. Given the complex and often unpredictable nature of the risks involved, organizations must use innovative approach to mitigate them. We at TTC, through our cross-cutting solutions and multidisciplinary expertise, are ideally equipped to be a key partner in our clients’ sustainable development journey.”

Dipankar Ghosh

Partner and Leader for Sustainability & Climate Change


Dipankar is Partner and Leader for Sustainability & Climate Change. He has over 30 years’ experience in providing environmental services, sustainability and human development, climate change, environment, health and safety (EHS), resource efficiency, sustainable technology and renewable energy. One of the key areas of his work has been managing sustainability and climate change risks and leveraging opportunities in changing times.

He has worked closely with diverse industry sectors, such as oil & gas, power utility, automotive, iron and steel, biofuel, transportation, construction, communication, etc. and also Government and Multi-lateral Funded Institutions. Previously, he was a Partner at EY, leading the Climate Change and Sustainability services of EY in Northern Region of India. He was also part of the advisory team responsible for developing the Climate Change & Sustainability Services in India. Later, he served as the Leader of EY’s sustainability services in the MENA region, strategizing the growth of the practice in the region.

Dipankar is a B.E. and M.Tech in Chemical Engineering and a Chartered Engineer from the Institute of Engineers India. He also has a Diploma in Sustainability from the Maastricht School of Management.

“Resource efficiency and sustainability have become drivers of cost reduction and risk management for organizations. With the cost of the natural resources projected to increase, and availability being scarce, companies which manage their impact responsibly and internalize them effectively through a solid sustainability strategy, stand a better chance of sustaining in the long term. Our dedicated and experienced sustainability and climate change professionals help clients derive maximum value from our focused solutions in the domains of strategy, resource efficiency, energy and climate change.”

Vijay Ganapathy

Partner and Leader for M&E and Impact Assessment


Vijay is Partner and Leader for M&E and Impact Assessment. He has 15 years of rural development programming experience in thematic areas like Child Rights, Natural management, Micro-finance, Livelihood, Corporate and skill development. He has authored a book on the study of KAP of the leprosy affected Gond tribal's of Madhya Pradesh and published papers on a diverse range of topics including CSR, Inter-Cultural Communication Competence, Informal Labour, etc.

He was previously a Senior Manager at EY, responsible for driving the CSR and Social Development Consulting vertical.

Vijay is a Fellow from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata; with a Post Graduate Diploma in Forest Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal.

“A Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) framework provides an understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and bottle-necks of a project. Impact assessments help measure the true impact of sustainable development projects and programs. Taken together, these two aspects are critical to get a well-rounded picture of the actual achievements of programs. At TTC, our experienced team specializes in developing robust M&E frameworks and carrying out thorough impact assessments”

Ajay Pandey

Partner and Leader for CSR, Strategy and Performance Improvement


Ajay is Partner and Leader for CSR, Strategy and Performance Improvement. He is a development practitioner with over 16 years of experience. His experience within the consulting domain, coupled with grass-roots engagements offer a distinctive perspective on the complexities of development programming and its underlying challenges.

Ajay specializes in strategy development, project planning and management, social research, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment. His expertise includes Corporate Social Responsibility, Skill Development, Water & Sanitation, Natural Resource Management (NRM), Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurships.

He previously worked with Ernst and Young and during his tenure, led the team to deliver several challenging engagements.

Ajay is a Post Graduate in Rural Development from XISS, Ranchi.

“With enforcement of Section135 of the Companies Act 2013, companies are looking to optimize resource efficiency and enhance social impact through strategic CSR initiatives. Organizations worldwide continue to grapple with strategic management choices, approaches and practice for creating sustainable impact. We assist organizations in accelerating organizational growth through visualizing and planning the growth road map.”

Amit Phull

Partner and Leader for Grant Efficiency


Amit is Partner and Leader for Compliance and grant efficiency. He has more than 15 years of experience in the development sector, working on projects supported by various international donor agencies, Government, corporate foundations, etc.

His areas of expertise include finance strategy, auditing and compliance, financial process development, budget development and management, procurement and bid process management, and development of standard operating procedures.

He was previously Senior Manager with EY. Prior to which he was Associate Vice President with Grant Thornton.

Amit is a Chartered Accountant, ICAI, and has a Diploma in Financial Management from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies.

“Donor agencies face several challenges in ensuring that funds are used for intended purposes, as they often find it difficult to partner with credible organizations who share their vision. Community Based Organizations need the requisite expertise as well as robust systems to improve transparency and credibility. We at TTC offer a range of services aimed at finding innovative solutions for these concerns.”

Rajiv Nagpal

Partner and Leader for Research and Documentation


Rajiv is Partner and Leader for Research and Documentation. He has over 24 years of experience in the social development sector. Of this, he spent 15 years specializing in Education and Child Rights. Other than his specialization, he also has in-depth knowledge and experience in Natural Resource Management.

He has managed programs at grassroots; State and National level with NGOs, Government, International & National Donor and UN Agencies specializing in in strategic planning, policy development, project management, capacity building, research, monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment at various tiers.

Rajiv has worked with Plan International (India Chapter) as State Manager, Rajasthan. Prior to Plan International he worked with Save the Children - Finland, Save the Children – UK and Save the Children –Bal Raksha Bharat and Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in different capacities.

Rajiv is a Post Graduate from Meerut University.

“There is a greater need to identify the gaps in accessing development programs and understanding the people’s perspective. Our key services in this space include social research, market assessment, market landscaping, program documentation, process mapping and scoping/feasibility studies.”

Komal Malhotra

Partner and Leader for HR Advisory


Komal is Partner and Leader for HR Advisory. She has over 18 years of experience in Human Resource Consulting and has successfully led and executed recruitment assignments from middle to CxO levels across various functions both for multinational corporates as well as I-NGOs and has also conducted workshops on psychosocial issues.

She has developed Human Resource Policies and Procedures for several development organizations.

Previously, she was running her own HR Consultancy, Scope International, catering exclusively to the Not-for-profit organizations. She has also worked with GE Capital International Services and Omam Consultants.

Komal has a Masters in Counselling Psychology and PGD in Personnel Management from IMT Ghaziabad, besides a PGDBM in Marketing.

“Human Capital is the backbone of every organization. Sourcing, retaining, assessing, training and motivating workforce is a key challenge to progress in today’s dynamic business environment. Establishing and maintaining effective and efficient HR systems and processes is critical to organizational sustainability. We support development sector organizations in meeting these critical requirements.”

Ashok K. Pavadia

Chief Advisor


Mr. Ashok K. Pavadia has been a career bureaucrat. He retired as Additional Secretary to the Government of India in 2016 after a career spanning thirty four years. He has worked in senior administrative positions in several ministries such as Railways, Agriculture, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Civil Aviation, Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises and Home Affairs.

He is an alumni of the University of Delhi and the London School of Economics (LSE) and has an academic background in Political Science, Law and Management with a specialization in Human Rights Law, Public Policy and Administration, He holds two Bachelors degrees, two Masters degrees and a Post-Graduate Diploma. He is currently doing his Ph.D. in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

A renowned expert in CSR and Sustainable Development, Mr. Pavadia is among the early crusaders for institutionalizing CSR and Sustainability in the business policies, operations, activities and decision-making processes of Indian companies. He is the author of the “DPE Guidelines on CSR and Sustainability” for the Indian Central Pubic Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) issued in 2012 and the revised edition in 2014.

Mr. Pavadia served as a Member of the Governmental Advisory Group of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) from 2012 to 2015 and he has been a Member of the Governing Council of the Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad for 3 years (2012-15).

He has represented India at the UN Global Compact Summit in New York and has been invited by the World Bank, UNIDO, UNEP, Government of Sweden, Government of Norway, Government of South Africa, Harvard University, Waikato University and Ljubljana University to speak on CSR and sustainability related issues.

Devashish Banerji

Partner – Health Supply Chain & Procurement


Devashish  has over 18 years of experience in providing consulting services in both government/development sectors.

His key areas of expertise have been programme management of multi-stake holder large projects, fund management, programme design and review, institutional assessment, strategic business planning and institutional development, capacity building and training.

As a consultant he has worked majorly in the Government Advisory domain and has been involved in projects in the Health and Family Planning, Urban and Industrial Infrastructure and Social Development as the key sectors.

As the Country Head in Crown Agents and Principal Consultant in PwC he had previously managed multiple projects and assignments funded by WB, ADB, DFID, USAID and UN agencies.

Prior to joining TTC, he has led many assignments and recently he completed the highly successful DFID funded Joint Donor Technical Assistance Fund (JDTAF) in MOHFW Bangladesh as Team Leader

His responsibilities in all these projects included Stakeholder Relationship Management including client, Delivery Management and Quality Assurance. Over and above he has significant experience of leading teams comprising multi-disciplinary professionals.

He has assisted Indian/international clients on strategic business planning and feasibility studies
He has conducted process reviews and developed standard operating procedures
He has carried out procurement reforms and institutional assessment leading to setting up of procurement corporations in States of India
He has worked on development of vision and policy plan for various states such as Chhattisgarh and  Madhya Pradesh
He has managed multiple IT implementation projects

Devashish is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Kanpur and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Government Engineering College Jabalpur.

“The healthcare sector is a one of the building blocks of any nation’s development, but it is especially central to India’s development given the widespread socio-economic disparity present in the country. To ensure the sustainable growth of the economy it is not only critical to create jobs but to also create a workforce unencumbered by nagging illnesses and injuries which can be prevented by providing basic healthcare. The healthcare sector in India has challenges across its value chain, and at TTC we have experts with functional experience and scientific expertise in this sector and who can deliver insights and solutions to critical stakeholders such as the government, not-for-profits, companies and donor agencies.”

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